20 Best British TV Comedy Characters Of All Time

7. Geraldine Granger - The Vicar Of Dibley

Anything Dawn French touches turns to comedy gold. And one of her best roles was as the cheerful, level-headed female vicar of Dibley, a fictional village made up of oddballs. The series followed after changes were made to the Church of England that allowed the ordination of women. The real-life controversy from this change was wired into the ensemble of the show as Councillor David Horton greatly opposes a female for a vicar, before growing to accept her as the series progresses.

Geraldine values her experience in the parish of Dibley but it hasn’t been without its struggles. If not for the little irritations such as her scatter-brained verger never understanding her jokes or the poor hygiene of local farmer Owen, Ms Granger is also subjected to many degrading tasks, often to benefit the community. These moments include performing ballet alongside Darcey Bussell for a charity Gala, dressing up as an Easter Bunny to appease Letitia’s dying request and having to endure many different Christmas dinners all in one day. Probably the most iconic image of the sitcom’s entire run is when she jumps in the human deep puddle and gets completely soaked.

Geraldine is rewarded for all of her hard work for the public of Dibley as she finally gets her deserved happy ending with marriage to Harry Kennedy, a genuine man of good looks and polite manners (even if their wedding is Doctor Who themed).

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