20 Best Superhero TV Show Performances Ever

Daredevil's thunder was stolen in his own show thanks to Vincent D'Onofrio.


There may not be any genre in the current cinematic landscape as big or as lucrative as that of the superhero movie. Of course, the majority of this comes from the MCU, going strong since 2008, but there is also DC slate both inside and outside the confines of the DCEU, and contributions from Sony's Spider-Man universe, and the likes of Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics.

Naturally, this is where the money is for these brands, with each movie having the potential to make millions, even billions of dollars. But there are also many superhero successes on the small screen.

There is absolutely no shortage of incredible television based on superheroes from Marvel, DC, and beyond, and with them come a plethora of truly wonderful characters. Some simply found there was no room in the movies for them at a certain point, and so were 'relegated' to the small screen, and others had their time on the big screen and underwhelmed somewhat.

While this may be less lucrative, stretching a story over 13 episodes rather than one two hour movie allows for much more screen time and deeper character development, resulting in some of the best characters in the superhero genre living on the small screen.

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