20 Best TV Shows Of 2015

Another great year for TV. Obviously.

Peak TV. The Golden Age. Whatever you want to call it, what's clear is that there has never before been a greater number of TV shows to watch, nor such a variety of ways to watch them. From comedies to dramas, and traditional networks to Netflix, there were hundreds of series to enjoy over dozens of channels, whether you wanted something on a week-to-week basis or to binge-watch all in one weekend. And, while there were obviously some stinkers, a lot of it was great. It's because of this that any attempt at rounding up the best TV of the year is going to be a slightly futile effort. It's impossible to watch everything, and because of that there's a high chance you miss something really excellent. For example, this year Transparent remains rather opaque to me (though the first episode was excellent); The Americans is foreign; The Leftovers is still in the microwave; and I need to rectify the fact that I haven't seen Rectify. There's also the matter of what constitutes a great show. It'll be different for all viewers, and while some of these choices on this list are consensus critical darlings, others - particularly the more genre shows - are simply ones that I really enjoyed, even if they aren't going to be picking up Emmy awards in the future. This, then, is what I'd say is the best TV of 2015. You'll no doubt have some of your own that don't make it to this list. Oh, and spoilers, obviously.
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