20 Best TV Shows Of 2015

20. The Walking Dead

If this were a list of 'Most Frustrating TV Shows Of 2015', then The Walking Dead would be walking away with the number 1 spot. It wouldn't even be a contest. The show is greatly infuriating, and part of that infuriation comes from the fact it isn't a great show. It's still very good, and an extremely entertaining watch, hence why it nabs the bottom spot on this list. But there's still a feeling that it could and should be so much better. They make a lot of the same mistakes, repeating the TWD formula (find new place, introduce loads of new characters stay safe, get attacked, someone dies, leave and wander through the woods, someone dies, repeat). If they focused less on having such a large cast, and instead really developed the core they have, then it could be something excellent. As it is, we'll have to settle for something that's fun and entertaining, but outside the upper echelons. Still, in 2015 the show has had its standout moments. At its best, as witnessed occasionally throughout the back-half of Season 5 and the first-half of Season 6, it's exciting, gory, occasionally even a little bit scary, and getting to see Carol channel Rambo or Rick Grimes go full-on Ricktator is great fun to watch.
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