20 Best TV Shows Of The Last Decade

Looking for something to watch? Why not binge on these peaks shows from the last ten years?


The last decade saw a continuation of TV's Golden Age that has been steaming along since the late 90s.

The 2010s picked up at the mid-section of peak TV, riding on the tail-end of hyper-successful shows like The Wire, Sopranos and The Shield.

This chunk of 10 years saw a wealth of content emerge across network channels, cable subscriptions, and most importantly, several streaming companies, which arguably prevented the TV medium into coasting and brought it into a whole other stratosphere.

In the earlier part of the decade, it was HBO setting the precedent and getting a competition with the likes of FX, AMC, Showtime and Starz. Then tides changed as Netflix grabbed the baton and starting a streaming tug of war between companies like Amazon, Hulu and, recently, Apple and Disney...oh, and most of those aforementioned cable channels, as they all have their own streaming sites now too.

What better way to pass the quarantine days then by diving into a wealth of binge-worthy content you might have missed?


20. Ray Donovan


Liev Schreiber is fantastic as Donavan, the alpha male hiding a splintered persona. He's a Boston thug who's moved to the greener pastures of Hollywood, bringing his dysfunctional family with him. Although the show purposes to focus on him, it's really all about the ensemble.

Dash Mihok and Eddie Marsden are his fragile brothers, Paula Malcomson his tough yet loving wife, but Jon Voight, as his dad, steals every moment he’s on-screen. The veteran actor gives in a tour de force performance that stands as his peak work from along and colourful career.

While the crime show elements can grow repetitive, the true strength lies in the character study and sharp writing. Showrunner Ann Biederman examines the destructive nature of the macho persona, as well as the side-effects of blind loyalty, in constantly deep and biting ways.

It has recently come to an end with season 7, showcasing it as one of the most consistent shows throughout the decade.

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