20 Greatest Ever Superhero TV Shows

17. Misfits

What would happen if the kids who steal from convenience stores and get busted for drugs were the ones who got superpowers, instead of the righteous men with strong jaw lines? Well, Misfits answers that question. It's the story of a group of ASBO-wielding teenagers who get struck by lightning during a freak storm while doing community service, and develop strange powers. They range in quality from the bizarre and dangerous (being a rape magnet does not seem like a good superpower, and we're not too keen on the ability to turn into a rage-filled psychopath, like the first probation worker) to the old classics like mind-reading, invisibility, and immortality. While they're not exactly saving the world on a large scale, they've been known to take down the occasional baddie they cross paths with, and sometimes even verge into real hero territory, especially in the case of Superhoodie.
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