20 Greatest Ever Superhero TV Shows

18. Chuck

Chuck was just a poor, unassuming Buy More employee, until his ex-best friend sent him a computer program which downloaded the entire CIA/NSA database into his head, allowing him to flash on any bad guys he might happen to interact with (there are a surprising amount of bad guys in Burbank, it seems). Throughout the run of the show, he saved the world any number of times, with his crack team of handlers, the clever and athletic CIA agent Sarah Walker and the stoic NSA agent Colonel Casey. As the series went on, he became an agent in his own right, especially once he got an upgrade that would download any skill into his brain when needed, and fans worried that he would lose the adorable geekiness that made him such an engaging hero. But while the show undeniably got darker towards the end, he was still the same Chuck Bartowski at heart.
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