20 Hilarious Friends Spin-Offs (That Never Existed)

13. The One With The Soap Opera Queen

Friends Promo 4

Susan Sarandon’s Cecilia Monroe was the queen bee on Days Of Our Lives, playing another queen bee, Jessica Lockhart. By the end of ‘The One With Joey’s New Brain’, Sarandon’s Monroe’s Lockhart was Drake Ramoray, enabling him/her to live again!

Of course, in reality Monroe had simply been written out of the show, after twenty years as the daytime soap opera world’s preeminent drink-throwing, face-slapping diva. Following a torrid affair with Joey, she leaves for Guadalajara to chase the Mexican movie career she missed out on as a veteran soap star.

In All The World’s A Stage, Susan Sarandon plays Cecilia Monroe who, having realised that the movie in Mexico was a money laundering front for a major drugs cartel, is now living in Des Moines under witness protection.

An actress all her life, Cecilia is now being forced to play the role of dowdy waffle waitress Trixie-Mae Ermintrude to avoid being recognised as a formerly major talent of the small screen. Under orders to stay inconspicuous, Cecilia can’t help letting the diva out, to her long-suffering DEA handler’s chagrin...

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