20 Hilarious Friends Spin-Offs (That Never Existed)

12. The One With The Sad Sack Stoner

Friends Promo 4

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jon Lovitz made a memorable appearance in both season one and season nine as Steve, a restaurant owner and pothead who loses everything in the intervening eight years.

Well, in Sad Sack Steve things go from bad to worse to oh good grief, as he loses two toes to frostbite, pisses off a local Colombian cartel composed of high schoolers, and drops his house to his maid in a game of poker.

A farcical cautionary tale in human form, Steve can’t help screwing up whatever he does, usually with hilarious, cringeworthy consequences. He’s the only man in history who managed to Home-Alone himself while trying to break into his own home after losing his keys.

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