20 Incredible Star Trek Concept Art Designs You Need To See

What could have been...


Like all fictional worlds, the Star Trek Universe has more or less been built from the ground up. Sure the shows and movies have used existing locations to stand in for other worlds and used the occasional rented prop (red blinking tubes, we're talking about you), but the majority of what you see in the Star Trek Universe has been painstakingly designed and constructed physically and/or rendered in the digital world.

As with any design process, many concepts were produced and then abandoned, either for reasons of practicality, budget, or because the production simply changed directions. These designs include radical new make ups, costumes that never saw the light of day, even whole sequences that were conceptualized but never filmed.

Of course some of these designs might be considered questionable, but these twenty Star Trek concepts and art designs are a fascinating look at what could've been.

20. Picard's Lecture – Star Trek: Picard


Another tantalizing glimpse via production illustrator Laurent Ben-Mimoun's work depicts a scene from Star Trek: Picard in which Jean-Luc Picard gives a lecture about his time as Captain of the Enterprise.

This artwork features Picard at a podium surrounded by holographic versions of the USS Enterprise-E and Lieutenant Commander Data as he appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The audience Picard is addressing is made up of a number of iconic Star Trek aliens including several Ferengi (who ultimately never appeared in Star Trek: Picard), a Vulcan, and a Klingon (using the Star Trek: Discovery-style makeup).

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