20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Family Guy

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Conway Twitty.

Family Guy Stewie

He may have his (incredibly forceful) critics, but you can't deny the overall popularity of Seth MacFarlane. The mastermind of the likes of American Dad, Ted, and the most offensive Oscar Ceremony ever, he's the man behind a billion dollar brand and the king of adult animation. The centre of all this is Family Guy, the sitcom about the dysfunctional Griffins, their misadventures and, most importantly, their side gags.

The show was a long time coming for MacFarlane, who had already made of couple of shorts featuring incompetent buffoons and talking dogs that poked fun at every day life, but even with his time spent developing ideas he couldn't have predicted where the show would go. Courting controversy and praise in equal measure for its incredibly adult themes in an animated setting, the show has proven to be a massive hit.

Despite being cancelled twice (once briefly after the second season and for three long years between Seasons 3 and 4) it's now one of the biggest animated shows on TV. 15 seasons in (and counting), the show bears little resemblance to what it started off as - pretty much every main character is a world away from what they were introduced as - but even as its detractors increase it's still a mostly enjoyable watch that always illicits a few chuckles. Today, to celebrate Family Guy in all its brilliance, here are twenty exciting piece of trivia you probably didn't know about the Griffins.


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