20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Breaking Bad

12. Wendy The Prostitute Was Almost Picked Up For Real


As evidenced by the RVs-worth of Emmy's the show has won for its acting, it's clear that the actors on Breaking Bad are incredibly good at getting into their characters. But, as you'll see with this behind-the-scenes story, it's not just the award winning main cast who are totally convincing; the costume and make-up department had clearly done such a good job of turning Julia Minesci into prostitute Wendy that some passers-by thought she was real.

When shooting general filler shots of her picking up customers on location, a van pulled up and, thinking it was part of the scene, Minesci walked over to it, only realising it wasn't a part of the show when the producers worriedly called her away. They only come out at night. Or, in this case, the day time.


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