20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About How I Met Your Mother

19. The Cast Got To Keep Some Of The Props

How I Met Your Mother Ted Josh Radnor

Through its run there were plenty of props from How I Met Your Mother that you can imagine fans were desperate to own. Well tough luck, because, unlike Breaking Bad, the main props all went to the cast (and crew). Josh Radnor ended up with the blue french horn that formed two of Ted's romantic gestures to Robin, while the iconic yellow umbrellas went to director Pamela Fryman and creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. Let's just hope they're not as flimsy as the replicas you can buy online.

Neil Patrick Harris, however, probably got the best deal. On top of getting the original Playbook (he did write it after all), he kept the gang's favourite booth from MacLaren's. Now he can actually be in a bar every night.


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