20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About How I Met Your Mother

18. Neil Patrick Harris Made The Most Money From The Show

How I Met Your Mother Barney Price Is Right

By the end of How I Met Your Mother there was no character in the central gang of Ted, Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily that the show could really work without. When the prospect of having a ninth season was floated it rested entirely on Jason Segel, who was uncertain about returning, with his decision ultimately defining the ending. Clearly at the start things weren't as much of a team effort.

Although the other actors had notable previous experience (Alyson Hannigan in Buffy, Jason Segel in Freaks And Geeks, Josh Radnor in... erm... Not Another Teen Movie), the biggest star of the show was most certainly Neil Patrick Harris, who'd been a household name since playing Doogie Howser, M.D. at the age of sixteen. And to that end he ended up with a much bigger deal on the show; he made $210,000 per episode, almost double the rest of the cast's $120,000.


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