20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Lost

Did you know the writers lied about providing answers?


People can be sorted into two categories; those who've watched Lost and those who've wanted to, but can€™'t get over just how many episodes there are. With the equivalent of almost four days worth of programming, that€™'s a painful amount, even for those weaned on series run throughs of Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

A devilishly simple concept transformed into a compelling, character-driven sci-fi fantasy thanks to key writing duo Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, Lost changed American network TV forever, heralding in serialised storytelling and more daring ideas. What Lost did different to the likes of Heroes, however, was its consistency. Yes, not every episode was solid gold (insert joke about Jack€™'s tattoos here) and some plot decisions irked fans (Nikki and Paulo were dead as soon as the writers saw the fan reaction), but there was never a lengthy dry spell; when the show threatened to lag it instead threw a curveball twist.

The ending of the show left some fans feeling a bit empty, although those who bemoaned The End really misunderstood Lost. It was never about getting answers to the mysteries (all of which I€™'d say we got solutions to in some form), but about the characters; pretty much every standout moment was so memorable because of the people involved. Take The Constant. This fan favourite worked not because there was mind-bending (literally) time travel, but because we were emotionally invested in Desmond'€™s pursuit of Penny.

In the six years since the show ended (yeah, it€™'s actually been that long), we've been treated to a plethora of quality television, but it€™'s worth remembering this jewel of genre TV. Here are twenty amazing facts about Lost you've probably never knew. And no, one of them isn't €˜They Were Making It Up As They Went Along€™. Everybody already knows that. Obviously spoilers lurk around here like a monster of mysterious design. Tread carefully.


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