20 Most Popular Star Trek Characters Ever

Some Star Trek characters have defined a genre...

Data Star Trek

Star Trek has given us heroes, villains and characters that fall somewhere in between. Among them are scores of icons and legends.

Long before the MCU built their epic shared universe, Star Trek had established a shared galaxy of characters, who existed across multiple series and movies, crossed into other shows and built on the legends and lore of Trek. Long before Game of Thrones gave us characters we hated in one season and rooted for in the next, Star Trek had us loving murderous Cardassian agents.

Some characters are so popular that they transcended the show and entered the popular consciousness. After all, you don’t have to like or even have seen Star Trek to know the names Captain Kirk or Spock.

Alongside characters so popular that everyone in the world knows them, there are others so nuanced and delightful that they forever hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

20. Jadzia Dax

Data Star Trek

An old man and a young woman all in one, plus a few others who she likes to talk about and at least one that she does not. The joined Trill are a great concept for an alien species, one life and many life’s, all in one.

This makes for a fascinating gestalt lifeform that can be all things to all people. Dax is beautiful, intelligent, witty, and passionate. She is by nature not what she appears to be, the character has seven lifetimes of depth to draw on. With the experience, jubilation, triumphs, tragedy and grieves of those lifetimes, Dax is timeless and irresistible.


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