20 Most Popular Star Trek Characters Ever

19. Scotty

Data Star Trek
CBS Paramount

What a character. A quiet genius simmers away under his mechanic like persona. His down to earth character is juxtaposed with fiery passion and a love for the booze. His protective love for the Enterprise can both get him into scrapes, when he’s inclined to defend her honour, and get the entire crew and sometimes the entire galaxy out of scrapes, when his engineering genius can stretch the potential of the Enterprise beyond the realms of reality.

The Enterprise is the love of his life and he knows that ship like the back of his hand. He’s often the voice of reason, telling Kirk what can be done and what just isn’t possible, then of course making the impossible work somehow.

Scotty is a miracle worker, loves a good time, cares deeply for his ship and all of that makes him one of the best Star Trek characters ever.


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