20 Rare Images Of Kaley Cuoco You Need To See

Funny on the inside, sexy on the outside.

FHMFHMKaley Cuoco (no longer Cuoco-Sweeting after recently filing for divorce) has become one of the world€™s highest paid TV actresses in 2015, after reportedly earning $100,000 per episode playing the role of Penny in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Born in Camarillo, California, Cuoco started her acting career at the age of just six years old, appearing in the likes of 8 Simple Rules, Charmed and Prison Break before landing the role of Penny, which would efine her career. Of course, she has also managed to fit in some feature films along the way, most recently starring alongside Kevin Hart and Josh Gad in The Wedding Ringer. And if that wasn€™t enough, in her spare time, she is an enthusiastic horseback rider competing in horse-jumping events regularly. Now, putting all that aside, let€™s get down to the bit that you have all been waiting for. Let's take a look at some rare images of this blonde haired beauty that you may not have seen before from both the past and the present.

20. Pleased To Meet You Mr Kutcher

Kaley introduces herself to Ashton Kutcher before the Los Angeles Lakers v The Indiana Pacers game in 2012.

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