20 Things You Didn't Know About Prison Break

19. The Odyssey Oddity

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In Season Five, it is revealed that Scofield is very much alive, locked away in a Yemen prison and working undercover after being framed for a murder he didn't commit (sound familiar?). Burrows and the like attempt to break him out and bring down Poseidon, the mastermind agent who betrayed Scofield.

It is interesting to note that this season shares similar plot points to the Greek poem, Odyssey, written by Homer (not Simpson). For a start, Scofield had been missing for seven years and was presumed dead only to be found locked away in a prison called Ogygia, which is the title of the season's first episode and the name of the island which the poem's protagonist, Odysseus, had been detained, also for seven years.

Both the poem and the show have antagonists who share the same names. Poseidon is an agent and god of the sea, arch rival to both Scofield and Odysseus, respectively. Odysseus also battles a Cyclops, one of the names of the ISIS members in the show.

Finally, Odyssus and Scofield have the common quest to return home. The former wanting to reunite with his family in Ithaca, a Greek island. As for Scofield, he seeks to return to Sara and his child back in the state of New York. Which city? You guessed it...Ithaca.

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