20 Things You Didn't Know About Scrubs

Scrubs facts you knew never about the classic medical sitcom.

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In October of this year, Scrubs will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its very first episode.

With such a landmark on the horizon, now seems a good time revisit the medical sitcom and dig into the details that may have alluded fans.

Even twenty years after its release, Scrubs remains a firm fan favourite, thanks in equal part to its imaginative humour, iconic characters, and perfect blending of comedy and drama. The show is rich with hidden detail, clever worldbuilding and subtle symbolism. Behind the scenes, cast stories and incomplete or abandoned sub-plots are rife with funny anecdotes and what-could-have-beens.

For the following list, focus will be put on such trivia, from the blink-and-you'll miss it foreshadowing to the reasons we had to say goodbye to certain fan favourite characters, from the lives of the actors off-screen to the reasons the show didn't end with the season eight finale.

With that in mind, along with a quick warning about upcoming spoilers, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Scrubs.

20. Zach Braff Wrote Garden State Before Filming On The Show Started

Scrubs JD Turk Elliot
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Outside of his lead role as John Dorian on Scrubs, Zach Braff has had a solid career as a writer and director. Shortly after being cast as J.D, Braff quit his job as a waiter and was pumped to start work on the show.

Little did he know, filming wouldn't commence for another four months. Briefly without work, Braff took this time to sit down and get to work on his script to Garden State (2004), which he had started planning in college under the title "Large's Ark."

Not only did he complete the script in four months, but he also handpicked the film's soundtrack. When the film was finally given the go-ahead, Braff served as Garden State's director as well as its writer and producer, and won a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack.

Garden State is now regarded as a cult favourite.

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