20 TV Show Finales That Are Totally Flawless

19. The Promise - Justified

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Justified spent its entire run underrated, failing to rake in massive audience numbers or stand up for any major award recognition, despite the top calibre work of stars Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins, and the incredibly tight writing.

In the season six finale, The Promise, Justified comes to the conclusion it was always meant to, by starting things off with break-neck, action-heavy intensity, before ending in a quiet face-off between the show's enigmatic antihero Raylan Givens (Olyphant) and his long-time nemesis Boyd Crowder (Goggins).

Complete with frenzied gunfights, unpredictable character interactions and a great sense of dread and foreboding, The Promise features everything that made Justified such a blast over its six-season run. It knows when to dial the action up to eleven, but also has the heart and intelligence to slow things down and let the characters do the talking.

Also, some finales like to tie things up with a killer last line, and Justified's is about as perfect as any you're likely to find.

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