22 Types Of Game Of Thrones Fans You Might Meet

For the fanbase is vast, and full of terrors...

It's back, and it's brought bisexual princes with it. Yes, a year after Daenerys crowd-surfed the newly-freed Yunkai slaves in season three's finale, Game of Thrones has returned, and if the first episode is anything to go by, this season's going to be awesome. Making such an assumption isn't too far a leap of faith €“ you don't pull in over 10 million viewers an episode, get renewed for two seasons after the premiere and remain the most illegally downloaded show on the air if you're not good. But plenty of shows have been good, and not picked up the audience they deserve (seriously everyone, just watch Hannibal). So what makes Thrones different? Hell, that's easy €“ more so than any other show, GoT has an insanely passionate fanbase drawn from all over the spectrum. Whether you've read the source material or not, it's not too impenetrable a show, it's unashamed of its fantasy grounding, and it offers enough character intrigue to folks who usually hate that sort of thing. So it's something for all the family, if the family's ok with hardcore nudity. But even if you accept all comers, it's foolish to think everyone's the same. Much like Mance Rayder's wildling army, there's massive differences all united under one banner of fandom. They speak different languages in this army. The book-readers hate the show-watchers, the show-watchers hate the spoiler-droppers and everyone hates the Cave people. So with that in mind, here's a run-down of the many factions that make up the fanbase. Oh, and naturally €“ SPOILERS abound.

22. The Spoiler-Phobic

Rigidly honourable and taking up the top spot on the list (so they don't read on and clock inadvertent spoilers €“ you're welcome) are that rare, noble breed of people who haven't read the books and watch the show as intended €“ once a week, without hunting for spoilers. Clearly, that's unnatural. In this day and age, we want to know things immediately, so these fellows are showing admirable self-restraint. They haven't read the books, and they don't plan on it €“ they're fine with just the show, thank you very much. But staying ignorant in this day and age is an achievement €“ yet with the internet casually broadcasting spoilers, folks on the bus talking about spoilers and even your elderly white-haired grandmother ready to ambush you with Red Wedding revelations, you can bet that much like the Mad King's sanity, their ignorance won't remain intact for long.

21. The I'm-In-It-For-One-Episode Guys

There are two kinds of people in the world €“ those who like Game Of Thrones, and those who are wrong. OK, seriously €“ Game Of Thrones isn't for everyone, and we dig that. After all, not everyone likes bacon, as upsetting as that sounds. But once in a while, they'll take the plunge, wonder what they were missing and watch an episode. Unfortunately, this episode is never the first of the first season, and you're left explaining what's happened so far. If you've ever tried to explain why everyone hates Jaime in the midst of season three, you'll know it all gets very confusing very quickly, and your one-time viewing companion will soon give up and go back to the sceptics reservation where they belong.

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