24: 10 Times Jack Bauer Actually Let You Down

10. The Unavoidable Fate Of One-Line Extras

To begin with, you have to give recognition to all those non-main-characters who during a field mission were assigned to cover Jack. Although this may seem like a safe position to be put in, with Jack being so quick and skilled, sadly these people had the unavoidable fate of a prompt death. Anyone who is familiar with the series can most likely remember thinking €œThat€™s it; he€™s dead€ each time someone was assigned to accompany Jack into a firefight. Rest in peace, brave souls.

9. Mid-Morning Romp

On Day 8, Renee Walker got brought in to work as an undercover agent for CTU, though her mental health was not exactly stable. Jack tried to convince her to not to come on, but when he failed, he requested to be made her partner. Throughout the day, Jack and Renee realised that they had a mutual attraction to one another. Then, after much of the events of the day had taken place, Jack and Renee returned to Jack€™s apartment and slept together. Shortly after, while piecing together information on the Russians, Renee was shot and killed by a sniper through the apartment window.

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