24 People You Didn't Know Were In 24

24. Matt McKenzie

Mattmckenzie1 We begin with a name that is anything but household and has been featured at the expense of the likes of Alexander Siddig, Faran Tahir, John Billingsley, Diego Klattenhoff and Mare Winningham €“ Matt McKenzie, who Final Fantasy fans will know as the voice of Auron, an enigmatic member of the ensemble featured in Final Fantasy X. This will soon be re-released in high definition (coupled with its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2) more than a decade after it first hit shelves. In Jack Bauer's world, McKenzie (who looks a bit like Timothy Dalton, no?) played the role of Hollister, the ranking Secret Service agent in the Presidential Bunker of season six. In other interesting Final Fantasy/24 castings, Gideon Emery (Balthier in FF12) also popped up in season six, playing a Russian consulate employee in one episode.

23. Pauley Perrette

Pauleyperrette1 For whatever reason, twists on the classic police procedural drama have always been and will seemingly always be popular with the masses. NCIS is one such twist, focusing on a team of naval investigators led by Mark Harmon's Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The show is held in high regard by the American masses, around twenty million of whom regularly tune in for each new episode. Filling the ranks of Gibbs' team are a handful of characters who stand out from their counterparts in similar shows due to their chemistry with one another or quirkiness. Forensic specialist Abby Scuito, played by Pauley Perrette, definitely falls under the latter category with her unique look and hyperactive demeanour. In 24's debut season, Jack's wife Teri contracts amnesia temporarily following a car accident. Unanimously considered amongst the series' worst plot threads (and there are quite a few), it sees NCIS's resident lab technician make a brief appearance as Tanya, the woman that finds her on the side of the road and takes her to the first place that she remembers €“ a nearby restaurant.

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