25 Best Supporting Characters From The Simpsons

23. Kang & Kodos

Treehouse of Horror regulars, Kang, and his sister, Kodos hail from the planet Rigel 7, where, coincidently, the native language is identical to English. Regular botherers of Earth, they€™re usually seen hovering in space, coming up with fiendish ways to enslave us, or attempting to hitch-hike to €˜Earth Capital€™. Their biggest success came in 1996 when they hijacked the Presidential Election campaign and impersonated Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. They still proved to be more popular than a third party.

22. Gil Gunderson

Poor ol€™ Gil has had many jobs in his time, and failed at every last one of them €“ he€™s the unluckiest man in Springfield. Through his €˜career€™, he€™s worked as a real estate agent at Red Blazer Reality, a Canyonero salesman, a bank security guard (who was shot on his first day), a Kwik-E-Mart assistant, a lawyer for the Simpsons family, and more recently, a shopping mall Santa. Funnily enough, all his bad luck in the work place has in some way, always been caused by the Simpsons.

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