25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About True Blood

11. Suspicious Blood Drives...

Vampires on the show can obtain synthetic blood legally whenever they desire by purchasing bottles of True Blood, but for people who actually need blood in the real world, it's not always that easy. Whenever True Blood participates in Comic-Con, the show sponsors blood drives to encourage thousands of visitors to donate. As a bonus, each donor receives a goodie bag usually containing True Blood merchandise including t-shirts, rubber bracelets, bandages and water. Over the course of a four day convention, the blood drive collects over 1000 pints of blood, helping the San Diego Blood Bank to save over 2,800 lives every year. Reports of the cast smuggling some of the blood home to prepare for their roles are greatly exaggerated...

10. Let The Good Times Roll!

The majority of scenes in True Blood are set in Bon Temps, a seemingly typical Southeastern rural town. As the self proclaimed "Catfish Capitol of the South", Bon Temps boasts a 'current' population of 2,744, although this seems to change from episode to episode as the townsfolk are no strangers to death. Ironically, the name of the town is derived from the French saying €œLaissez les bons temps rouler!€, which means €œLet the good times roll!€ Most of the residents are conservative, working-class American citizens, but since the vampires came out of the coffin, the fictional town has become host to a variety of supernatural creatures. If you want to hear what the locals have to say about this, then visit the towns 'official' web site, which features directions, the town's history and even testimonials from the residents. Here's the web site: http://www.welcometobontemps.com/index.asp However, if you're pressed for time, check out the video link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X_LWGwp__Y

9. Royal Estate

For a show full of so many memorable characters, it's hard for guest stars to make their mark, but Evan Rachel Wood's recurring appearances as Sophie-Anne Leclerq are among the best of the show's seven seasons. As the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, the 500 year old ruler acted like a spoiled child, but in reality, she possessed vast knowledge and was actually surprisingly powerful. Despite only starring in eight episodes, one of the most memorable aspects of Sophie's appearances is the decadent life of luxury she leads. During Leclerq's rule, her mansion was the center of the vampire monarchy in Louisiana, but after her death in season four, the royal power shifted to the Compton house. Now that Leclerq has met the true death, you too can live her lavish lifestyle and purchase her mansion. The beautiful building is situated in Malibu, California and sells on the market for approximately $35 million. Anyone who has actually seen how stunning her home was knows that this is a bargain, so it's time to start saving those pennies...

8. Sipping On Gin & Juice... At Merlotte's!

Over the course of seven seasons, True Blood has gained a huge following worldwide, but few fans have been vocal enough to actually film a music video about the show! Snoop Dogg name checked the hit HBO program back in 2009 on his single "Gangsta Love", but his love for True Blood reached a new level when he wrote a song called "Oh Sookie" and even made a promo featuring clips from the show. It appears that Eric and Bill have some competition as Snoop Dogg pursues Sookie's affections with a number of flirtatious offers, some more explicit than others. The West Coast rapper starts by offering to buy the waitress "a gin and juice at Merlotte's", but then things escalate as he suggests that he and Sookie should "do it in the daytime, Bill won€™t know a thing," even suggesting that she brings her best friend Tara along too. If you haven't already, check out the entire music promo below. You won't regret it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8tODhvb47s

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