25 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time

Which shows truly made us believe in the impossible?

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Television is one of the longest-standing modern forms of escapism, allowing us to temporarily forget about the highs and lows of the real world and lose ourselves inside multiple fictional ones - and when comes to escapism, it doesn't get any better than science fiction.

A genre that has thrilled us all for decades - centuries even, if you want to predate TV and film - it has filled us with questions, answered many of them, and left us wondering if there truly is life out there.

Yes, as our endless on-screen encounters with aliens, deep conversations about cloning and bizarre obsession with technology can all attest to, science fiction has given rise to some of the greatest shows in not just its genre's history, but the history of television in general.

With that in mind, let's jump right into the annals of TV history and take a walk down the wild, the wonderful and the downright weird lane of science fiction in order to explore the greatest sci-fi entries to have ever graced the small screen.

Be warned, things are about to get freaky...

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