25 WORST Episodes Of Star Trek EVER

The most heartbreaking list for Trekkies...


Odds are, if you've been a Star Trek fan for any real amount of time, there are going to be some episodes on this list that you're just waiting to see appear. Star Trek has almost always been about optimism and a bright future, with some exceptions (looking at you, Discovery s1) but that doesn't mean that it hasn't dropped the ball along the way. With issues ranging from writers' strikes to just bad decision making, there are many entries in the canon that should never be shown to aspiring fans. Truly, there are some episodes that only a Mother could love.

This list breaks down the worst of the worst, spread across all of the entries to the franchise. It is very possible that some series will be represented a little more regularly than others but that is not to say that the rest of that series isn't worth the investment. Its just that these episodes are all examples of bad investments.

From supernatural beings to stuck up princesses, stolen brains to plain, old fashioned racism, these episodes are all perfect examples to use if you are looking to turn someone away from Star Trek as whole. Whether we can forgive these entries or not remains to be seen, but here are the 25 WORST episodes of Star Trek ever (so far!)

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