30 Best Kids TV Theme Tunes Of The 1980s

thundercats There were some fantastic children's television shows in the 1980s. Those of us who grew up in that era will often tell you that the equivalent scene today just isn't the same - and, while everyone can say that about their own era, it really is true in this case. One thing in particular was extremely memorable about the shows in question back in those days - the theme tunes. We really were spoiled for choice for things to watch - to the extent that the memorable theme tunes to the likes of The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Dungeons and Dragons, Jimbo and the Jet Set, SuperTed, Bananaman, Knightmare, Transformers, Pugwall, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and Jem (and many more) actually miss out on this list! Controversial? You can let us know later. The criteria for this list is that the show must have originated in the 1980s - whether that was 1980, 1985 or 1989. If it overlapped in to the 1990s, that's fine - it just has to have started life in the 1980s. And we should stress that this isn't about the quality of the shows themselves (although most of them were fantastic), because obviously the likes of Transformers would make it on to the list (but, let's be honest, the intro sequence wasn't that great and the song was ridiculously wordy), it's solely about their theme tunes. And, as a point of note, it's coming from a British perspective, so we can only talk about shows that aired in the United Kingdom! So please, sit back, relax and take a leisurely walk down memory lane with us (leg warmers optional) - and feel free to pitch in with your own thoughts at the end! In the meantime, here are the thirty best kids television show theme tunes from the 1980s...

Honourable Mention: Saved By The Bell

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEj2lJ0SAP4 Was Saved By the Bell truly a kids TV show? Debatable, as it was enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike, dealt with some very adult themes and was probably more of a sitcom than anything else. Regardless, it definitely deserves a mention because that theme tune was brilliant. Starting in 1989, the show only just makes the era criteria for this list but, on top of the fact that it's arguably not strictly a kids TV show, it only gets a (very well deserved) honourable mention. And now on to the actual list...
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