31 Hottest New TV Shows Currently In Production

The hottest shows that will rule your TV in 2014 and 2015.

The availability of TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix or on-demand TV has made the need to actually adhere to TV schedules far less of a concern than it used to be. No more are we shackled by the restrictions of watching single new episodes of shows a couple of times a week, and with increasing options to distract us from the prestigious prime-time TV slots, show-makers are having to work harder than ever to make sure we commit to new shows in traditional screening formats. If we're going to commit to a weekly TV show, it has to be worth the seven day wait for new material, which is precisely why networks are becoming even more prone to trigger fingers when it comes to making new shows to make sure they keep their overall audience share. Everyone wants the kind of power that AMC now wield on the back of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, and the key to that is new, immediately successful shows. That can only be a good thing for TV fans, who can now look forward to a diverse and exciting looking landscape of new shows. With that in mind we've put together a comprehensive list of the hottest brand new TV shows currently in production and earmarked to be coming to screens in the next two years.

31. Bordertown (2015)

Hot on the tail of his so-far abysmally received second forray into film-making, Seth MacFarlane returns to what he knows best, teaming up with Family Guy writer Mark Hentemann to produce an animation focusing on two families - the American Buckwalds and the Mecican immigrant Gonzaleses - living in a Southwest desert town on the United States€“Mexico border. The Selling Point: It's political animation, with a huge capacity for satire - something that has made American Dad surprisingly enduring. The Concerns: MacFarlane isn't exactly known for sublety, so maybe expect a lot of accusations of racism.
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