4 TV Shows That May Have Missed Your Radar

orphan-black TV junkies are saturated with options, and thanks to expanding cable mediums and internet streaming services, one could argue that there€™s a perfect show out there for everyone. Now that we€™re no longer just keeping our eyes on the big four networks and HBO, it€™s easy to let great shows slip through the cracks. Thanks to AMC, FX, Netflix, and Showtime, the expanding world of cable dramas and comedies ensure us that we€™ll always be entertained by quality programming. More and more channels are churning out original series, aimed for all sorts of audiences. TV fans know which programs out there are great. Cultural zeitgeist unveils Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and other high quality story telling we're all familiar with. But here are a few shows from the past few years, some on and some off the air, which may have missed your radar, and are certainly worth a look.

4. Boss

boss-starz-tv-showNetwork: Starz Status: Cancelled Kelsey Grammer€™s return to television as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane didn't last very long, but throughout 18 episodes unravels political, sexual, professional, and family scandal to quench your dramatic appetites. Boss is an above average show with great acting that can save some of the shaky writing, but it€™s an entertaining ride. Boss could be summed up as a marriage between The West Wing and House of Cards. While Boss doesn't match either of those shows in its writing or acting, it€™s a quality political drama with sharp turns and excellent pacing. The show opens with Kane€™s diagnosis of a degenerative neurological disorder, dementia with Lewy bodies. Topped with of his decision to keep his diagnosis a secret, we more get political cover-ups, an estranged daughter, a marriage of convenience, a gubernatorial race, and a B-plot from the fictional Chicago Sentinel who is eager to uncover all that the viewer already knows.
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