4 TV Shows That May Have Missed Your Radar

3. The Big C

cathy jamisonNetwork: Showtime Status: Ended The diagnosis of a character with cancer has become a trope in literature and television writing, so when The Big C premiered I initially looked over it. It€™s a hard topic to write on without going down the beaten path. The Big C steered clear of that path and gave us four seasons of an honest portrait of the Jamison family. Darlene Hunt made the choice to make the whole series take place in a year, and each season served as a season, premiering with summer, and then fall, winter, and ending with spring. Each season has a distinct feel to it and an underlying theme that is played off the particular (weather) season which that season takes place. Aside from top-notch acting from Laura Linney as Cathy, matriarch diagnosed with melanoma, the supporting cast was the strength of this show. John Benjamin Hickey as Linney€™s hippy nomad brother and Oliver Platt as her husband gave this show a quirky atmosphere (the former having a sub-plot of a phone-sex operating, and the latter becoming and inspirational speaker/blogger) to lighten the load from the central plot. The Big C blends comedy and drama seamlessly, thanks to honest writing and great acting. Also, wonderful guest stars on this show include Idris Elba, Hugh Dancy, Alan Alda, Susan Sarandon, and Cynthia Nixon.
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