5 Best Doctor Who Gadgets

It goes 'ding' when there's stuff.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver
BBC Studios
"All of time and space; everything ever was or ever will be. Where do you wanna start?"

Well, preferably with some pretty high-tech gadgets! Over the years of space and time travel, The Doctor, his friends (and foes) have been in possession of some pretty awesome technology. Sometimes they're as simple as a laser blaster, and sometimes they're as complex as the gadget "that goes 'ding' when there's stuff." Either way, we've seen some incredibly cool toys used throughout the 50+ years that The Doctor has been on our screens, and for good reason.

What Sci-Fi show could exist without at least some neat little gadgets to get our heroes out of some tricky situations? The Doctor is a Time Lord, and has more than a genius-level intellect - of course they've used gadgets! So, counting down on this list are our top 5 Gadgets used throughout Doctor Who!

Also no, we haven't included the TARDIS. a) Because it would come in first place with no competition, and b) Because it's more than just a machine; the TARDIS is alive, and is more like The Doctor's constant companion than a mere gadget.

5. Psychic Paper

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver

Want to get in anywhere, but you don't have ID? Sometimes, the sonic screwdriver doesn't quite cut it, and you need to do more than unlock the door. Often, The Doctor has needed to prove credentials, or forge identities, and the psychic paper has been invaluable in doing so. From stating that he's 'Health and Safety,' to explaining that he's due to be Queen Victoria's guardian, the psychic paper has gotten The Doctor in (and out) of many sticky situations!

Its first use was by the Ninth Doctor aboard Platform One, in order to observe the Earth's sun going supernova and engulfing the planet. Some individuals are not able to be fooled by the psychic paper, including geniuses like William Shakespeare; the Kovarian sect of the Church of the Silence trained their soldiers to see through the psychic paper, but despite that, it's still an incredible gadget that The Doctor has put to great use throughout their travels in space and time.