5 Best & Worst Doctor Who Songs Of All Time

9. Who€™s Dr. Who - Frazer Hines

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_IAhse1fCE Frazer Hines was once one of the Doctor's companions, Jamie McCrimmon - a bag pipe-playing Scot of the Clan McLaren from 18th century Scotland. Frazer was also famous for playing Joe Sugden in Emmerdale. This song was written and produced in 1968 by songwriters Barry Mason and Les Reed. It was considered a commercial failure and Hines called it the only flop Mason and Reed ever wrote. Which is a shame because it really is quite catchy in places. It's certainly not the best song to have ever been written. Actually, it's really quite bad indeed. But the chorus will probably get stuck in your head, so be warned.
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