5 Doctor Who Concepts That Are Scientifically Possible And 5 That Are Impossible

Impossible Concept#4: The Satan Pit

the satan pit The Tenth Doctor finds himself in the foreboding, ember-filled depths of an eerie planet. To make matters worse, he ends up facing The Beast himself bellowing tales of his imprisonment "before time" and the creation of the universe. All very serious stuff which deserves the utmost respect, right? Unfortunately for Satan, not exactly. Arguing with a mightily peeved demon from Hell is a reckless choice at best, but we're going to have to bite the bullet on this one and come out with it: time is a dimension and has no way of existing independently of the universe, so it's impossible to have a 'before' the Big Bang. I'm aware this guy has a reputation for being less than reputable but lying about important aspects of physics is low, man.

Possible Concept#4: Ood Telepathy

ood We hear 'imagined' speech in our heads all the time, but what causes these often wayward trains of thought to run through our minds in the first place? Like many other functions in the body, thoughts take place thanks to electrical impulses in certain areas of the brain. Humans are in the early stages of developing synthetic telepathy with the help of electroencephalography (EEG), so it's entirely feasible to believe that the glowing hindbrain sphere carried by the Ood is an example of similar technology developed through centuries of evolution. Don't be fooled by their seemingly impeccable manners though - you should've heard what they were saying about us when our neurons were turned. Something about shaven apes, Justin Bieber and Yahoo! Answers. *shudder*
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