5 Inspirational Ideas From The World of Alan Partridge

4. Genuine Joy In The Little Things

45 The Alan Partridge Movie Alan's meticulously planned bank holiday €“ to be spent watching every single James Bond film back to back €“ sounds heavenly. Of course, his plans are ruined when Lynn accidentally spills orange juice over his tapes. But wait! You Only Live Twice survived the deluge! €œLet's watch the best film ever made,€ says Alan. I think that says it all. Throughout his television, radio and literary career, Alan goes to great lengths to champion the little things in life €“ those small joys that serve to make things that little bit more bearable. Be it choosing a hotel that's equidistant between London and Norwich, smuggling his own slightly larger plate into a buffet or enjoying a pint on the verandah with his paper; this is clearly a man who knows how to get the most out of life €“ even when life doesn't seem to be offering much.

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