5 Reasons Pushing Daisies Should Be Revived On Netflix

Pushing Daisies was a casualty of the disastrous writer's strike of 2007-2008. It ended way before its time as collateral damage in the war between those who create and those who exploit. After only two short seasons it vanished into the deadly swamp of unfulfilled potential. Recent reports have surfaced saying that Pushing Daisies genius Bryan Fuller is wanting to retrieve his show from the black lagoon, and is looking to revive it as a film or perhaps even a stage musical. While a reprisal for Pushing Daisies in any form would be a very welcome and gratifying return for its devoted fan base, the most beneficial way for the show to make a comeback would be from a third season revival on Netflix. A film and/or musical would be great, but fans deserve the same number of storytelling hours they got the first time around with the first two seasons, as opposed to a couple hours at the theatre. Pushing Daisies deserves to come back because it's one of the most charming shows that graced our television screens six years ago, the colour scheme is absolutely beautiful, the supporting cast were all great, but the heart of the story is about the love between Ned and Chuck that was simply too adorable for words. The romance between those two characters was what really struck a cord with viewers. Most of all though was just the fact that there was so much more story left to be told that could make the show go for at least another few seasons to end on a proper note. The show has a serious cult following, so it'll definitely please fans to see it come back, in some form or another, but preferably as a third season. The facts are these:

Philip Clarke is a 21-year old graduate of the SAIT Film and Video Production Program. He spends his days working on his novels and feature film screenplays. His favourite film is GoodFellas. He goes to the theatre to watch movies on a weekly basis to feed his cinematic addictions.