5 Reasons We Should All Be Excited About Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Heading towards a welcome future for the franchise.


It's a good time to be a Trekkie. Star Trek: Discovery brought back a show in need of new material following an extended hiatus since credits rolled on Enterprise in 2001.

Despite mixed reactions, Discovery gave new life to the franchise and without it we would not have had Star Trek: Picard debuting this year to critical acclaim and popular appeal. Both of these series gave fans a bold new direction for Trek; gone were the cardboard sets and rubber aliens, these shows were slim, focused, and intent to deliver their story as only Star Trek, with its well-earned reputation for social commentary, can achieve.

As much as Picard was a success, and Discovery’s 900-year jump opens it to endless possibilities, both of these shows are largely focused on the individual characters Jean-Luc Picard, and Michael Burnham. Star Trek at its heart has always been a story about a fine ship, and a fine crew, and this has been missing for some time. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a chance for the writers to reimagine classic Trek, away from the spectacle of Discovery, or the insular Picard, and once again put the crew and their mission first.

History will never forget the name Enterprise, and for the first time sine 2001 fans have the chance to see her again on screen. This is the show fans have asked for, and there's a lot of reasons to be excited about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.


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