5 Reasons Why Daria Should Be Revived

daria Let€™s face it, when everyone heard that MTV was reviving Beavis and Butthead, no one was more excited for this than Daria fans (myself included). The reason why is because that meant that Daria could actually get a revival also and bring the proclaimed €œMisery Chick€ back onto our screen and into our homes. Although not quite there yet, €œDaria€ represents a television show that no matter what time period, could be revived and be a success. For those of you that don€™t know, Daria is quite possibly one of the most introspective and intelligent animated cartoons that has aired across the spectrum of the television universe. But don€™t let those words fool you; Daria€™s world was full of iconic and relatable characters that made nearly everyone who encountered those awkward high school years interested in what she had to say and longing for more. Along with Daria€™s best friend, Jane Lane, her somewhat supportive yet contrasting family, and the oblivious people around her, we as viewers were treated to a non-nonsense, relatable view of high school from a cynical perspective most of us had, and yet were too scared to embrace. Although €œDaria€ has been mentioned at numerous points, surprisingly, people argue against a €œDaria€ revival, urging for everyone to accept the ending and move on with their lives. However, even 11 years later, loyal fans are urging the MTV channel to revive Daria and with good reason. Here are 5 reasons why Daria should be revived and why it€™ll be successful.

5. Daria Still Has Tons Of Potential In Storyline Left In The Series

2daria When we last left Daria, she, her best friend Jane Lane, and her class were headed off in different directions into the world of higher education. However by a stroke of luck both Daria and Jane were said to both start attending schools in the same city and state. This left the door open for tons of potential involving Daria and Jane, especially when confronted with new challenges of university. It wouldn€™t be hard to pick up where the series left off, nor would it be difficult to involve some of the older characters and inject the show with new blood. Additionally, Daria and Jane still had a lot to be fleshed out about their characters.
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