5 Reasons Why Daria Should Be Revived

3. Daria Still Has A Loyal Fanbase

daria daria You€™d be surprised to learn that a television show that wrapped production roughly 11 years ago still has a solid fanbase, however Daria does. Daria was in fact, one of the launching points of and still to this day has fanfiction written about the lives of her and other Lawndale residents. Daria also have multiple wiki€™s and websites about the show that are occasionally maintained. Daria was one of the first shows that had a direct correlation to social media and what actually was on, animated or realistic. Daria was also one of the first shows to feature the use of computers by students and would somewhat introduce technology that was popular at the time; Jane€™s walkman ring a bell anyone? In this new decade, this combined with social media could make Daria an even bigger success than it was in the 1990€™s.
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