5 Reasons You Should Watch Mr. Robot

All the masks and hacktivism your heart can handle.

Mr. Robot
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The debate for the best TV show of all time is a hotly debated one. However, it often boils down to the same few choices; one person may say The Sopranos, another Game Of Thrones, and some may say Breaking Bad. And, of course, these shows deserve their place in the top ten lists across the internet, not to mention all of the awards they've garnered.

We will never forget when we binge watched through Walter White's journey from becoming a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher into the feared drug lord Heisenberg. But there is one character's journey that should be put among those like Walter White, Rick Grimes and Don Draper. That character's name is Elliot Alderson.

Mr. Robot finished its four season run this year to wide critical and fan acclaim and with good reason. The season finale was a full feature length epic, rewarding viewers for tuning in for the past five years.

If you're one of the many people that sadly has not found this fantastic show, read this list and go and watch what is one of the best shows of the past year, maybe even of all time.

5. Amazing Story

Mr. Robot
USA Network

Story is everything. That much is pretty simple when it comes to making any sort of media, whether that be television, film or even a radio play.

You can have all the fancy camera techniques, amazing sets and A-list actors for your upcoming production as you want. But if you don't have a compelling narrative with three dimensional characters and a believable world then your film, book or whatever will undoubtedly fall flat right on its face.

Granted, some films can get away with just having amazing visuals and get a lot of money (looking at you Avatar and Transformers), but this tactic generally won't work for television. In TV, story is the absolute king as you need to have a reason to get your viewers back next week.

Luckily, of course, Mr. Robot has story and character in spades.

The story mainly follows Elliot Alderson and his one man war on a company that's definitely not meant to be an allegory for Apple called E Corp - or as Elliot calls it in his head, Evil Corp. Elliot goes from a lone hacker, to a cyber threat of colossal proportions, with a mass of followers as the series goes on.

Along the way we are introduced to all of Elliot's acquaintances and his nemeses, including a Swedish tech wizard who makes his way up the ladder of E Corp ANY way he can, and a ruthless cyber terrorist leader with an even more powerful alter-ego who'll stop at nothing to have the world at her feet.

Mr. Robot's story covers several issues that affect us everyday including loneliness, depression, identity, and the plight our society's structure forces on many of us.

Obviously, too much can't be revealed about the story here - but if any of this segment has intrigued you already then Mr. Robot is definitely for you.

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