5 Reasons You Should Watch Mr. Robot

4. Fantastic Production Value

Mr. Robot
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Of course, as stated before, story is king when it comes to television shows. Though having style can be just as important as that is what puts your show above the rest and it can be a unique selling point of the programme. Enter Mr. Robot, which is by far one of the best produced television shows ever put to the small screen.

Yes, maybe you prefer the idea of a show about a mob boss or some policemen over a weird computer hacker but once you see how beautifully crafted Mr Robot is, you may just change your mind.

Take the directing and cinematography of the show for example. Mr. Robot is a rare example of what is called Auteur Television, which is when a television programme is the complete vision of one single creative mind, and possibly best seen in Twin Peaks. For Mr. Robot, however, this mind is Sam Esmail; he is the writer of every episode, whilst also being the director of the vast majority of the episodes of this show.

As this is all under the control of one person, allowing it too all flow with the same unique style and beautiful shooting techniques. Each shot can tell you hundreds of things about what's going on with each character and how that affects the story.

The editing is also first class as it lets you into the head of the main character like no other show before or since, letting you connect with Elliot as you witness his extraordinary life unfold.

While the plot makes the show what it is, it'd pale without the phenomenal effort that went into making it a cohesive and expressive experience.

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