5 Reasons You Should Watch Mythic Quest

Blood Ocean!


If you don't have Apple TV+ then that is unfortunate, because Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, a comedy based upon the daily goings-on behind the scenes of an MMORPG game and the people who keep it running, is an unexpected gem.

MQ (as it is known in the series) is the equivalent of something like World Of Warcraft: a vast, expansive open-world online role-playing-game that has a huge fan base around the globe. However, the people that created and run the game are completely out of their minds in all kinds of ways.

The series begins with the team ready to expand the game with the Raven's Banquet expansion and the controversial addition of a shovel. From there, we go through a 14-year-old narcissist streaming whizz-kid, an in-game Nazi regime, the MQ version of Return Of The Jedi, and just anything to do with F. Murray Abraham's head writer C.W. Longbottom.

The show was co-created by Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and stars him, Danny Pudi, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, and F. Murray Abraham. All of them have great stories in the series and are responsible for some real belly laughs.


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