5 Reasons You Should Watch Mythic Quest

4. It Leaves You Wanting More

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest, unlike some other sitcoms, doesn't end with a cheesy cliffhanger to bait the studio and audience into wanting more. No, it earns the right to your hunger with its arcing story and well-balanced narrative.

All of the main cast get a chance to shine here at one time or another, and by the time the final credits roll on the first season, you really are invested in the journey they are on and what more it has in store for them.

All of the characters have such changes brought upon them by their own actions, and the actions of those around them, that you feel like they have been on a quest akin to that of one you'd find in their game.

Whether they are trying to work out how to best ban cyber Nazis, or deal with a 14-year-old narcissist streamer, the humour is never cheap which allows the show to build itself upon a base of unpredictability that the fans will accept because of the urge to find out what is coming next.

We find out a great amount about our characters along the way, a few surprises are genuinely shocking, and some follow the trend that the show is taking. In both cases, they are handled with good laughs and care. So, roll on Season 2.


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