5 Returning TV Shows That Improved This Season and 5 That Got Worse

Revolution or Nashville, and personally speaking the latter was perhaps the worst pilot I have ever watched (and this is from someone who still watches Glee). As for comedy however, although there have been some truly horrible comedic shows this year, I am currently enjoying Ben and Kate, The Mindy Project and somewhat enjoying The New Normal, but as of new shows, that is pretty much it this year. But this list isn't celebrating or shaming the new shows of this year. Instead this list is naming what returning shows this year I consider have improved in their new seasons, and what shows have dramatically decreased in quality since last year. If your favorite show isn't named anywhere in this list it is for one of two reasons... either I don't think the show has either improved or gotten worse or simply that I haven't gotten around to watching the show yet. If you think a show deserves to be either on the improved section or the gotten worse section please inform me in the comments section below. Ranked in order, good news first, I will list what shows I consider have improved so far in 2012... Improved This Season 5. Breaking Bad Season 5 hank breaking bad This show just about makes it onto this list, and even still I am not entirely convinced as of yet. That said, you have to remember that this year saw the return of only half of Season 5, and as just half of a season I think it is possibly one of, if not the strongest half of a season Breaking Bad has had yet. This show is somewhat of an oddity among TV shows in the sense that arguably it is the only show I can think of that gets better and better with every season. Most shows start off strong, have a stronger second season, then start falling down hill from then on. It is even more of an odd show when you consider that the more unlikable the protagonist gets, the better the show becomes, and at this point in the series is anyone rooting for Walter? I can't wait for the return of Season 5 next year to see how Hank leaves the bathroom. An exciting year ahead.

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