5 Saddest Rick And Morty Deaths

Rick and Morty made us laugh and broke our hearts in equal measure.

Rick Morty Roy
Adult Swim

In just four seasons, Rick and Morty has morphed from cult favourite to TV powerhouse.

The show has become one of the most popular animated shows of all time and has generated a fanatical fanbase. It has treated us to a host of well-written story arcs in some of the craziest settings imaginable, and it's been dolling out the laughs since it first aired.

Rick and Morty is also much-loved for its more emotional moments and has not spared us from having to watch some grim and heart-wrenching deaths. People are shot with lasers, disintegrated with lasers, or sometimes even cubed with lasers.

Lasers aside, we're also expected to deal with some really gutting losses from the show's incredible pantheon of characters. People get betrayed, people get sacrificed, and sometimes, they never even existed in the first place.

Oh boy, here they go killin' again.

5. Roy

Rick Morty Roy
Adult Swim

Okay, okay, so this isn't technically a real death. But did you really just sit there and watch Roy die with no emotions? You monster.

Roy Parsons is the eponymous character in a simulated reality video game at Rick's favourite arcade, Blips and Chitz.

In the episode 'Mortynight Run', Rick surprises Morty by putting the Roy headset on him. We're then shown a terrified child waking up from a nightmare. He grumbles something about an old man and aliens. His mother soothes him.

We follow little Roy at school as he stares out the window and daydreams of being an NFL superstar. As Roy grows older, we watch him start a family. He shelves his football dreams to provide for them, taking a job at a local carpet store.

Sometime in his middle age, Roy is diagnosed with cancer. "I'm not ready to die," he tells his wife tenderly. To everyone's amazement, Roy manages to beat cancer. He then returns to his job at the carpet store where he is crushed by a loose roll of carpet.

The screen goes black, the headset comes off, it's all over. Devastating.


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