5 Saddest Rick And Morty Deaths

4. Zick Zack

Rick Morty Roy
Adult Swim

Could there be anything more terrifying than discovering there is indeed a hell?

In the season three skit episode 'Morty's Mindblowers', we learn that Rick has been erasing Morty's horrible memories for a long time. We're treated to a look at some of these memories.

In one, the pair are approached by a Floop-Floopian warlord by the name of Zick Zack. The warlord explains that in his religion, being killed by a great warrior is a sure-fire way into a blissful afterlife. Rick, grateful for the ego boost, agrees to the request and suggests the three go for lunch before doing the deed.

Whilst Rick is in the toilet, Morty begins questioning Zick Zack about his beliefs. When he asks Zick Zack how he can believe in heaven with no evidence, the Floop-Floopian is visibly distressed. "Run!" yells Morty as Rick reemerges gun in hand.

Run he does. Straight into a car. He is crushed and killed. But the fun doesn't stop there. Demons rise up from the ground to transport Zick Zack off to an eternity of torture.

He was right the whole time.


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