5 Standalone Power Rangers Seasons Worth Watching

WC - Main Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered 20 years ago, in August of 1993. The show - adapted from the long-running Japanese Super Sentai franchise from which it took most of its special effects footage - became an overnight phenomenon, easily displacing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the go-to kids' action series (and in fact becoming the highest-rated kids' show on TV). Although its popularity peaked in 1994, the show has continued on almost uninterrupted for two decades since (with 2010 being the only year in which no new episodes were aired). Season 21, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, has completed principal photography and will celebrate the series' anniversary one year late when it premieres in early 2014. Power Rangers has a considerable adult fanbase, including its own convention (Power Morphicon). It appeals to people for many of the same reasons as other kids' action classics like Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Transformers, or He-Man. As such, it's a series well worth checking out for people interested in any of those franchises. However, 20 seasons and counting can seem like a daunting number to new fans or people who stopped watching the show partway through its original run. Luckily, there's no need to commit to the full run of the franchise right away. While the first six seasons told a continuous story, and seasons 7 (Lost Galaxy) and 12 (Dino Thunder) had key plot and character ties to earlier installments, most seasons of the show are in fact standalone stories that require no knowledge of any other seasons. Whether you're a curious newcomer to the franchise or someone who saw the early seasons and are wondering what you've missed, there are plenty of manageably-sized stories you can jump into - and all of them are available for streaming on Netflix. Here are my personal recommendations for five standalone seasons of Power Rangers worth checking out, listed in chronological order.

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