5 Things We'd Love To See In Barry Season 3

5. A Bigger Role For One Of Cousineau’s Students


All of Cousineau’s acting students (minus Barry and Sally, obviously) have always been very interesting. However, they have lacked proper development.

It would be really interesting to see any of them have a bigger role in Season 3, possibly having a closer friendship with Barry or Sally, or maybe even getting involved in some of Barry’s crimes.

Also, it would be a shame if some of these cast members are wasted. D’Arcy Carden gave a brilliant performance as artificial being Janet in The Good Place, and with that series coming to an end earlier this year, she can now commit fully to Barry. Also, Kirby Howell-Baptiste has had really great supporting turns in the hit shows Killing Eve, Love, and The Good Place, and it would be wonderful if she finally got a more leading role in the next season of Barry.

Either way, we really hope these characters are better utilised in the future.

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