5 TV Comedies You Really Should Have Watched


I love comedies. Always have, always will. I watch a butt load of comedies. I mean, a BUTT load. There are the classics for me such as Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Friends, and The Office. I can watch episodes of these shows time after time and never get sick of them. To me, that€™s what makes a good comedy: the re-watch value. How many times can you watch a certain episode and not get tired of it? How many times can you watch a certain episode and still laugh at it just as much as the day you first saw it? All of those shows I named fit into that category for me. The shows I have listed are shows that I wish we could have gotten more episodes of. Whether the show was cancelled, or it just ended, I wish we could€™ve gotten more out of these shows. They don€™t have that high of an episode count, but they can still make me laugh. No matter how many times I watch an episode, or a scene, or just one specific joke, I still laugh hysterically at all of these shows. I wish a lot of these were still on the air. I think it€™s a darn shame that some of these aren€™t anymore. I don€™t know if it was due to the timeslot certain shows had that caused people not to watch or what because it certainly wasn€™t the fact that they weren€™t funny. If some of you haven€™t seen some of these shows, I highly suggest you go watch them. Whether on Netflix or another place you can rent DVDs, go watch these shows! These shows are ones I hope don€™t get forgotten when talking about great comedies. Some of these may have only lasted a few episodes, but I still laugh at those few episodes more than I ever have at 2 Broke Girls, which is still on somehow! So please, take a look at this list of great comedies you should definitely check out!